Affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi | School Code -PU083
Honour Before Victory
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The school timing is 7:40 am to 12:00 Noon.
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 Vision and Mission

Our Ideals

The school aims at inculcating into the minds of children love for God and humanity. Great importance is given to the formation of sound moral character by endeavoring to develop in the children truthfulness, justice, love for the poor, selfless service for fellow-men, diligence and upright behavior and abhorrence for all that is bad in life.

Our Mission

Kaler International Public School has been achieving ever greater excellence in every sphere of a citizen’s growth for 15 years, under the able guidance of Chairman, Mr. Kulwant Singh Maluka and Principal, Mr. Sanjay Sakalani.Education is more than just literacy. Education is awareness. Education is wholesome conglomeration of literacy, spiritual and temporal growth, broader horizons, zeal and zest for life, an understanding of the global village that is, the world, and empathy for its citizens.With this in view, the mission of Kaler International Public School is to set out happy potential leaders in every field of life.

Aims & Objective

Activity-based Education The initial years should develop in the child a love for education and create conditions for him to pursue a positive approach in life. So a ‘unidirectional’ teaching method is being increasingly substituted by a ‘multidirectional group workshop’ method. Here the teacher becomes the group coordinator, nurturing students without the phobia of examinations and homework. The attempt is to prevent school from becoming torture chambers and to make the educative process more participative and enjoyable The emphasis is to reduce written work and concentrate on the physical, mental and emotional growth of children to make them self-reliant and develop effective personal skills. We hope to develop positive individual traits and styles of behaviour in them rather than producing mere clones in the society.

Activity-based Education

It is practical education that ultimately remains after one has forgotten most of what was learnt in school and college. Cultivation of all three dimensions of the mind, body and soul is education in the real sense of the term. At KIPS each child is a unique individual, a multifaceted personality and care is taken to see that each child is able to blossom into a full grown flower, spreading its fragrance all around.

+91 8427266322
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